Featured Artist: Rodneil Lester Manahan

“The Human and the Divine”
Rodneil Lester B. Manahan
Oil on Canvas, 2011
“Pseudo-peace Society”
Rodneil Lester B. Manahan
Acrylic on paper, 2011
“V for Vendetta” fan art
Rodneil Lester B. Manahan

Shared interests can bring people together like magic. I got to know Rodneil Lester Manahan purely through Facebook. We had one common friend but it didn’t take long for us to realize we had more things in common such as our passion for art and our Batman craze.

Rodneil is a very prolific artist. He’s comfortable with both traditional and digital media. I especially like his paintings about society and the human experience but he also draws comic book fan art (don’t we all?). Hopefully, I could feature more of his artwork on Frustrashow in the future.

Want to see more? Send Rodneil a message through his Facebook page!

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