Roose Bolton as the Man of Steel… LITERALLY.

The official Game of Thrones Tumblr had finally posted my latest Game of Thrones fan art: Roose Bolton as the LITERAL Man of Steel! Check it out!

Non-fans of the show might not know Roose Bolton but GoT fans, especially those who watch the HBO series, know him by heart as the Lord of House Bolton, which has a macabre desire to flay their enemies. House Bolton betrayed House Stark when Roose concluded the King in the North’s cause was lost. In the show, Roose Bolton was memorable (at least to me) for revealing his betrayal to Catelyn Stark during the Red Wedding by showing her the chainmail he’s wearing to protect himself from arrows and other weapons in case shit goes down during the planned massacre.

The piece above is actually more of a gag than a serious art exercise though I did try to experiment with light (I still have a long way to go in that regard). It was hurriedly done (the chain mail just screams “LAZY”) and I used a bunch of Photoshop tricks rather than real sketching and painting to combine a picture of Roose Bolton and Superman ripping his shirt off. I finished this one in less than a day because I just needed to get it out of my mind; the amusing idea has been bugging me for days.

I actually have another funny GoT fan art idea in my head but that’s something to work on another day. Hope you enjoy this one!

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