Featured Artist: Yugandhara More

Yugandhara More

It’s a great feeling being able to connect with so many different artists with different styles here on WordPress. One of my earliest connections here is Yugandhara More or “Yugs” or “Yug” or “Yuga.” She told me I could call her anything I like because her name’s really difficult to pronounce even for people in her home country of India.

What I like about Yugs is that she has a strong set of principles when it comes to art. In our email exchanges, she told me that “softer and peaceful art is what the world needs now.” And indeed, if you view Yugs’ works at Exquisite Arts–angels, babies, and depictions of love–you’ll see how beautifully delicate and calm they are.

Aside from the cute Sakura and Li drawing (I also used to watch the anime, by the way, and I love it), Yugs also sent me the image above. It’s a great message to all aspiring artists, especially those like me who are self-taught and not quite at the level we want yet.

I also told Yugs that Frustrashow is a play on “Frustration” and “show” because I believe art is partly the result of life’s frustrations. I’d like to leave you with her reply and hope that you’ll visit her awesome blog.

“You really should get above frustration. This feeling will make you a great artist but not the real one. See, my quote is ‘Do what you love and love what you do!’ ‘Frustration’ + ‘show’ = unhappy = showing off so that people will follow.

‘Love’ + ‘being yourself’ = Natural happiness”

– Yugandhara More


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  1. hi dear Marvin….very beautifully You have summarize everything and I loved the way you have described my art , feelings ,thoughts ..Thank you very much. I hope all artist love it.
    P.S. It’s Yugandhara More. And nice to be a part of frustrashow. My greetings to all readers 🙂


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