No Live Models to Draw? Do Some Online Model Drawing!

Nothing beats drawing from life (if you like that sort of art as I do) but if you’re like me and live model drawing events are scarce in your area or nonexistent, you can still draw models and get lots of practice by sourcing photos from the Internet.

Everything’s on the Internet. Virtually every reference you need for any kind of drawing is a few keywords away on Google Images. The figure drawing above though was drawn using a reference photo from my new favorite website,

The site has lots of pictures of models, both male and female, which you can practice drawing. It even has a neat Gesture Drawing mode where you have to sketch a likeness of a photograph within a time limit. Done repeatedly, the challenge supposedly improves your grasp of gesture and increases your vocabulary of poses. Check it out and send us your work and we’ll feature it here on Frustrashow!



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  1. That is useful! Thanks for posting this man!


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    frustrashow posted this awesome resource for drawing reference. They have a wonderful gesture drawing exercise where they cycle through photos every 30 seconds or so to allow you only enough time to concentrate on the major lines and contours. Thanks, moonwalkerwiz!


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