Featured Artist: Don Nguyen

When I requested an artwork from Don Nguyen, I thought he’d point me to one of the cool drawings he’s posted on his amazing blog, Nguyening It! Instead, he replied to my message after just a few minutes and sent me an original artwork–just for me! It’s the Pablo the Gorilla drawing shown above and up to now, I’m still amazed at how quick he was able to draw it.

I’m following a lot of WordPress art blogs and Don’s is definitely one of my favorites. His site is just teeming with crazy characters and you can’t help but feel the guy’s love for his art. He’s really generous, too. Aside from the Pablo the Gorilla drawing, he also sent me the Superman doodle below because he noticed I like Supes. Check it out!

Don told me that the majority of his daily doodles on the blog come from his phone. He uses his Samsung Galaxy Note II and Autodesk’s Sketchpad to draw faster than he would using pen and paper.

Well, Don, good luck on your art endeavors and whatever else you’re planning inside your highly creative mind! Thanks again for the doodles–I love them. One of these days, I’ll also whip up something for you. šŸ™‚

Want more of Don’s art? Check out Nguyening It! right now!


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  1. Thank you for the feature! I’m honored and would love one of your original pieces!


  2. Reblogged this on Nguyening It ! and commented:
    Check it out, Frustrashow featured me on his blog today. Thank you for the honor!


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