“It’s called Space Highways.” — I Want to Be Like Hal Lasko.

“If it takes me two years, I can spend it.
I’ve got a lot of patience — that’s what you really need.”
– Hal Lasko

This video almost brought tears to my eyes when I stumbled upon it last week. Hal Lasko, a former typographer, is 97 years old. A disorder called wet macular degeneration left him legally blind. 15 years ago, his grandson showed him Microsoft Paint on the computer and ever since then, he’s been using it to create artwork, zooming in on the detail, painting beautiful art one pixel at a time.

I’m just struck at the childlike wonder in his eyes when he’s talking about his art, like when he tells people the name of his latest project in this video, “Space Highways.” You can see it clearly–that burning artistic passion and boundless energy the old shell of his body betrays. It’s as if he doesn’t care about time at all; on the contrary, he looks forward for another day, another minute to spend honing his craft and expressing himself.

Someday all of us will grow old and most of the world will start thinking we’re pretty useless; it’s a sad state of affairs but that’s usually how things go. Hal Lasko brings me hope that as long as you have art to keep you company, you can be happy and keep on aiming for higher things.

See more of Hal’s amazing art by visiting his site right here: http://hallasko.com/

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