Featured Artist: “Spaghetti Squiggles”

Maleficent Collage – Spaghetti Squiggles

We all doodle but the fact is that some of us doodle better than others. And then there are doodles that are just…stunning. I can say that about our Featured Artist who blogs on Spaghetti Squiggles–no doubt one of my most favorite blogs here on WordPress.

Well, of course, Spaghetti Squiggles isn’t her name! But according to her About page, she’s “a history student who’s not ready to accept that literature and art have to sometimes take a backseat in her life.” And indeed, her blog has lots of beautiful content about art and literature that I’m sure you will love.

But what I really love about Spaghetti Squiggles the most are the gorgeous doodles, drawings and other works of art that are simply a delight to see. I like that they have a certain quaint, magical feel about them. There are also very intricate doodles and highly symmetrical pieces that I imagine would be difficult to do.

Words from Lewis Carroll – Spaghetti Squiggles
How Rapunzel should have Ended – Spaghetti Squiggles

She was kind enough to send us these artworks, which you can also find in her blog. So go ahead and check out Spaghetti Squiggles now!

Meanwhile, here are some more of Spaghetti Squiggles‘ art! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 🙂

Doodle: something resembling a mermaid – Spaghetti Squiggles
Quote from Matthew Gregory Lewis’, ‘The Monk’ – Spaghetti Squiggles

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