Featured Artist: Hannah Smith

Art by Hannah Smith

When I want to find a source of inspiration, I simply go to Facebook or Twitter and start searching for artists. On one of my recent explorations, I was truly lucky to stumble upon the art of Hannah Smith.

Hannah is a freelance artist and illustrator based in Derby. She just finished her second year studying BA (Hons) Illustration at the University of Derby. According to her website, she specializes in hand-drawn, detailed illustrations mainly using inks and watercolor. Like many of us who are naturally drawn to the visual arts and the beauty of nature, she also does photography.

I love looking at what people draw in their sketchbooks, so I just had to retweet this gorgeous steampunk sketch Hannah made to Frustrashow’s Twitter followers. I was surprised when she replied and tweeted an even more stunning artwork, which you can see above. The first thing I noticed was the skillful use of values (in fact, I can’t help repeatedly studying the color and the tone whenever I look at it). I’m also amazed at how she was able to use manga/anime stylistic influences so effectively, giving the girl in the painting an almost mannequin-like look.

But if you think the artwork above represents Hannah’s style, you’d be dead wrong. I’ve spent a lot of time going through her website and Facebook page and it simply blows my mind how many different ways she could create art. Oh, and she’s just 19 years old, so I’m quite sure we can expect even greater things from her as she blazes her own artistic path.

If you want to see more of Hannah’s amazing art, visit HannahMarieIllustration.com or Hannah Smith Art on Facebook right now!

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