Work in Progress: Cavewoman Illustration

I’m working on a BIG project to mark Frustrashow’s Facebook page crossing 100 Likes this week! I started this blog March of last year but it’s only been really active since this June. As you can see, this is a cavewoman illustration (a generic cavewoman, not the one from the comic books) and I am determined to make it look really good. I’ve been sneaking in minutes drawing this piece using traditional media for two weekends now and so far, I am satisfied with how it’s turning out to be.

But aside from the Facebook page, there’s just so much to be thankful for like my growing follower count here on WordPress and on Twitter and Don of Nguyening It! nominating me for some awards! Wow. This piece will be dedicated to all these awesome things that have happened to Frustrashow over these months.

To show my gratitude, I promise to give this cavewoman drawing away along with the Blue Sky Heisenberg artwork to my followers! šŸ™‚


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  1. Very cool progress. The linework is great~


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