Birthday with My Buddies!

Art by Ryan and Roxanne

Added another year to my age this week and though I’m growing older, I am very satisfied with where I am right now, what with the great people all around me and the new opportunities for creativity that are opening up everywhere.

Last week, my friends and I had an early birthday celebration that involved lots of silliness, alcohol, and just plain stupid fun, which are normal whenever we crazy bunch get together. Ryan Joseph Ramos, one of my pals and a fellow artist and writer who I already featured here on the blog, doodled the image above on my iPad using the app Paper by Fiftythree with some help from his girlfriend, Roxanne. I proudly present the result of their combined artistry here on Frustrashow!

Isn’t it great when two people who are in a relationship can both appreciate and create art? I mean, art can be enjoyed alone, sure, but it’s best experienced with someone who truly understands the happiness it brings you. 🙂

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