Old Drawing Dump

I’m working on a few new illustrations but since it will take time to finish them and Frustrashow is really thirsting for a new post, I’m dumping some old drawings today. Check them out!

“Hipster Joker” from 5 months ago. Mistah J chills at a cafe while blogging or writing a short story (about Bats?). The weapons in his pockets suggest, however, that even while relaxing, some really nasty things are not far from his mind.

“DogStroke” from 8 months ago. I’m a dog person, and one day when I got really annoyed by my sister’s cats, I was inspired to draw this canine assassin whose targets are those pesky feline pets. For those of you who got the reference, yes, “DogStroke” was derived from the DC assassin DeathStroke.

“Alfie Goes on a Date” from 4 months ago. This one’s an original character I came up with while I was doodling in the office. He’s an alien who goes through the daily challenges of the life of an average employee. I initially wanted to draw a series of Alfie illustrations but I stopped after the second one. But there’s plenty of time and I may sketch another one one of these days. Here, Alfie seems to realize he doesn’t have enough dough to pay for whatever strange, alien meal his date’s ordering. I’d hate to be in his situation!

“Ygritte” from 6 months ago. What follows is a series of Game of Thrones fan art drawn using the app Paper by FiftyThree. Ygritte is a wildling girl who falls in love with Jon Snow, Ned Stark’s bastard. She’s most famous for her red hair “kissed by fire” and the line, “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”

“Stannis Baratheon” from 6 months ago. Stannis Baratheon is the Lord of Dragonstone famous for storming King’s Landing during the Battle of the Blackwater–and failing miserably. Nobody really loves the guy. Even his fire priestess, Melisandre, only seems to stick with him because of a prophecy (which by all indications she grievously misinterpreted).

“Jon Snow and Ghost” from 6 months ago. Jon Snow is Ned Stark’s bastard and a member of the Night’s Watch. He’s usually accompanied by his albino direwolf, Ghost. Jon’s one of my most favorite characters in GOT because he’s the classic hero in every way. That heroism is probably what makes his life so difficult though because Westeros crushes good guys like roaches underneath a boot.


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  1. Neat. I can see the Joker showing up one day in hipster garb without any explanation, and be like it’s perfectly normal.
    Dog Stroke made me fnork. You have to really, REALLY hate cats to have “No to Cats” (and “No to Pussy”…?) printed/engraved on your armor.


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