Happy Birthday, Yugs!

This cake was done very hurriedly and it’s definitely not the best-looking cake in the world but I hope it makes my friend in India smile. Happy, happy birthday, Yugs! Thank you for agreeing to be a Featured Artist on my blog and being an amazing friend ever since! I hope you’re having a wonderful time today and that you’ll have more wonderful days to come.

I’m not sure what cake you like but it’s hard to go wrong with a chocolate cake… though I’m really iffy about the strawberry icing. Check out the moon and star candles! You’ll get the reference. *wink* 🙂

Well, this is all I can give you for your birthday. You already know what I wish for you on your special day because that’s my wish for myself as well! Keep on creating beautiful art and making other people happy. Janamdin kee shubhaechaen! 🙂


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  1. Hey Marv….Thank you very much for a lovely cake and making my day more special…. 🙂 :* if only I could share it with all of you , it would have been perfect… 🙂 ❤


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