Shingeki No Kyojin Fan Art

Just when I thought One Piece is the last manga/anime I’ll ever go crazy for, I discovered Shingeki No Kyojin/Attack on Titan and now all I can think of is how to get my hands on some SNK merch. Having given up on the futility of catching up to the gazillion anime episodes of One Piece and Naruto, I had serious reservations at first to watch SNK even though my friends keep on ranting about how good it is. But I guess when the storyline basically revolves around giant, naked zombies who prey upon blade-wielding soldiers trapped inside walls–it’s ridiculously hard not to give in.

I’ve been binge-watching SNK ever since I got officially hooked (around the 9th episode, if I remember correctly), so I’ve been churning out fan arts left and right.

This was the latest fan art I did. If you watch SNK, you’ll recognize this character as Levi or Rivaille, supposedly the strongest soldier of the Survey Corps (meaning he eats giants/titans for breakfast). I used my own style here, so he doesn’t look his usual, squeaky-clean manga self.

This was the first SNK fan art I did and I drew it on my iPad using the Tayasui Sketches app. If this is the first time you’ve seen a naked titan, you’ll understand how this anime is so interesting (and freakishly weird). Soldiers kill titans by slashing at their napes in the bloodiest, goriest fashion.

And this one was just me kidding around and merging my geek interests with paper and pencil. Like the soldiers of SNK, Batman also uses a grappling gun, so I thought, why not show Bats as a titan slayer? The combined costume looks goofy but at least my geek thirst was satisfied.

How about you? Do you watch/read Shingeki No Kyojin? Send me your fan art and I’ll post it here on Frustrashow!

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