Progress Update 2: Justice League Wall Mural

My version of Batman No. 9’s cover! This is one of my favorite panels in the entire mural.

This was actually last week’s progress on the Justice League wall mural I’m doing in my cousin’s bedroom because I had one too many last night and the ensuing hangover meant I couldn’t do any real work today. So once again, work on this mural has been extended and I’m now looking at a February wrap-up (I only work on it once a week during my free time). Meanwhile, here are a few pictures of the panels I’ve managed to ink so far. Hope you like ’em! 🙂

Darkseid plotting pure evil. And yes, that’s the face of Barry Allen that I have yet to ink!
This one’s not part of the mural but I just wanted to show it to you because it looks so artsy! It’s a piece of paper I use to wipe my paintbrushes with. It looks even artsier than the mural!


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  1. Can’t argue with the artsy paintbrush cleaner. 😛

    Also, dig the inked Darkseid.


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