Bunch o’ Batman Art

Did a few Batman drawings, check them out!

After seeing Bruce Timm’s brilliant animated short commemorating Batman’s 75th anniversary, I just had to watch an episode of the classic animated series because of the nostalgia. The episode I watched had the Scarecrow in it, which made me realize I’ve never drawn the crazy Dr. Jonathan Crane before. So here he is based on his appearance in the Nolan trilogy!

This one’s a result of my fascination with Frozen–yep I’m one of those annoying people who (still) keep on singing and posting Let It Go renditions on Facebook. This one’s inspired not by Let It Go, however, but by YouTuber SyndneyAmber S.’ Do You Want To Kill the Batman? (Harley Quinn’s version of Do You Want to Build a Snowman?).

Here’s the lovely, loony song:

And finally, Batman horribly smiling. I had the idea after marathoning the amazing JL8 comic strip by Yale Stewart. In the comic, Karen (Power Girl) is creeped out when Bruce smiles at her from the other side of the classroom. That hilarious panel has become so popular among JL8 fans that there are now specially made avatars and even pin buttons featuring Bruce’s creepy smile. I decided I wanted to draw my own version, thus this sketch:

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