The Bat Fan Strikes Again

There’s a buildup of artistic pressure in me that I have to let out once in a while like air gushing out of a valve, otherwise I won’t be able to draw anything else. That artistic pressure buildup is the desire to draw Batman characters. So here we are once again with a new batch of bat illustrations!

Drawn on my iPad using Paper by FiftyThree (got excited ’cause I finally bought all the drawing tools):

Arnold Wesker aka the Ventriloquist with his puppet, Scarface.

I had fun drawing this one. I actually used a website that reverses letters as they would appear in a mirror:

Joker sketch I did in the office while the boss was not looking:

Two-Face based on his appearance in the classic Batman animated series.

And lastly, doodle of Bats and Mistah J. My notebook is overflowing with this stuff:

That’s it for today! Stay tuned for more Dark Knight drawings coming your way soon! 🙂

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