Wrapping Up the Holidays

2014 is a wrap! I had a really relaxing time at home just gorging on everything on the table and in the fridge, watching any movie that I wanted, and sleeping. Lots and lots of sleeping.

And of course, drawing! Here are some artworks that I made during the holidays. All of these were drawn on my iPad using Paper by FiftyThree because that’s the quickest way to produce simple but stylish images:

This Batman drawing is my favorite because it reminds me of Francis Manapul’s work (I adore that guy’s art). I admit I copied him a bit here, especially when I was applying digital water color. The differences in hue were merely a result of Instagram’s filter.

Another reason why this is my absolute favorite in this set is because this one put me on Instagram’s Batman fan map. I’ve been tagging @cultofthebatman on my illustrations on IG for a long time but he never featured any of my pieces–until this one. @cultofthebatman is one of–if not the–largest Batman fan pages on IG, so it’s really an honor to be recognized and featured! I already got several new followers since my drawing was posted on New Year’s Eve. So @cultofthebatman, if you’re reading this, thanks again!

This one is a pretty accurate description of the previous year. People were sharing summaries of their year on Facebook but I thought the automatically generated content for me highlighted the exciting stuff too much. This is more precise because around 90% of 2014 was just me sitting at my desk working (nothing really wrong with that, by the way. I’m just thankful I’ve got a job I actually like).

This was my Christmas drawing for 2014. I always do one every year to mark the occasion. At first I was trying to draw Santa but it was just too generic that I couldn’t see why anybody would want to see it. So I thought, why not update his look for the times? So there you go–hipster Santa puffing his e-cigarette!

Oftentimes, I would have this jokes or puns in my head that I really just have to throw out there; otherwise, I won’t be able to sit still. This is one of them.

Bonus! I haven’t posted these artworks before, so here they are:

Penguin a bit based on his appearance in the TV series “Gotham…”

…and everyone’s favorite speedster–The Flash!

Lastly, this was from the night I watched Interstellar. I thought the movie lacked a proper ending, so I made one featuring the film’s most charming character–TARS.

New year, new art! See you next time and happy new year! 😀

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