The Undead Governor, Booster Gold, and that Controversial Batgirl Cover

It’s about time I started posting art again this year, so let’s kick off with this sketch of a zombified Governor from The Walking Dead. I know this is a corny idea and there’s zero chance of this happening on the show, but tell me you don’t want to see a sentient undead Governor commanding an army of walkers against Rick’s group?

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The Governor was easily the biggest threat Rick’s group ever had to face and I really miss watching his commanding presence on TV. The fan art above was done using just pencils on paper but I’m thinking about inking it in the future.

Next, another one of my quick iPad drawings. I recently read a rumor that Booster Gold (the vain time traveler from DC comics) might be appearing in his own TV show soon–I would totally love that! I really hope they go ahead with it or at least make him appear in one of the existing DC TV series (Arrow or The Flash) because Booster is a very unique and interesting character, and I know he’s got a lot of fans himself:

And here’s a sketch I did in the office. Everyone’s talking about this Batgirl cover by artist Rafael Albuquerque, which DC pulled out by Rafael’s request. Apparently, some people or groups were calling the cover sexist and a blow to women empowerment, and that it diverged from the girl power theme of the recent Batgirl books.

Personally, I thought the cover was ok because the best superheroes are defined by fear as much as courage, and there’s nothing wrong with showing Barbara traumatized by the Joker especially since he was the one who almost paralyzed her for life. But controversy aside, I just felt a hankering to sketch Mr. J. Drew this version of the cover using a ballpoint pen:


Another Batman drawing:

And an “etching” of the Joker:

Stay tuned for more art! 😀


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  1. Glad to see your back!!! ^.^


  2. Thanks, Dean! Yeah, hopefully, I’ll be able to post more frequently from now on. 😀


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