Prince Robot IV, The Crow, More The Walking Dead Art, and a One-Shot Comic Project

It’s been a very productive few weeks working on my art! It’s easier to draw when you’re inspired and I was lucky to find a couple of sources of inspiration recently. In fact, I got so inspired that I just embarked on creating my first one-shot comic after a long, long time! But more about that later.

Let’s start with a quick digital drawing on my iPad using Paper by FiftyThree. This is Prince Robot IV, just one of the countless weird but amazing characters in the Eisner-award winning comicbook series Saga by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples.

I just love this villainous scum with his TV head. I have a feeling this character is going to be a legend someday when Saga gets a movie (though Vaughan has stressed time and time again that he doesn’t want his work adapted into a movie). I don’t usually recommend reading material, but if you’re not yet reading Saga, pick it up. It’s one of the best titles out there–if not THE best (no kidding; it’s that good).

The quote here is the philosophy Prince Robot IV accidentally picks up in the story. To be honest, I kinda agree with it. Peace is just the lull between the violent episodes of war, but it’s not really its opposite–but something about intercourse is. :))

Purchase this design: The Crow: Eric Draven

My taste in all things geek is getting more diverse as I grow older. After so many years, I finally got to watch 1994’s The Crow starring the late Brandon Lee. I’m a big Bruce Lee fan but I didn’t have a lot of expectations before seeing his son’s most pivotal work. I never knew The Crow had all the elements I love in a superhero/action film–well-fleshed out characters, stunning cinematography, and action scenes that you’ll remember long after the credits roll. I loved the movie so much, I just had to draw this tribute piece–years late but no less deeply felt.

Purchase this design: Daryl Dixon

The two drawings above were done in the hype of the days leading up to The Walking Dead’s season 5 finale. I had done a Governor fan art before and I wanted to depict more of the show’s badass characters, so I went ahead and drew fan favorites Daryl Dixon and Glenn Rhee. I’m rooting for these characters, so I really hope they don’t die next season–or as long as the show is on, if possible.

And finally, I had a long vacation thanks to the Holy Week, which meant I had to figure out how to while away the hours at home since I wasn’t planning on going out of town anywhere. I thought, well, why not create a one-shot comic about staycation? After all, I’ve been itching to draw comics for ages; I just never found the time or inspiration to get back to my absolute favorite pastime (I’ve been drawing comics since I was a kid).

So I got my pen and paper out and started to draw this simple story that I got brewing in my mind. I can’t tell you anything about it now because I want the whole thing to be a surprise but, when possible, I’ll show my progress here on the blog with some shots of the panels I’m working on. This comic won’t be epic by a long shot, but I do hope it entertains my friends, at least, when it’s done!

Here are some pics I took. I think it’s looking good so far:

That’s all for now! Hope you’re all having fun working on your art, too, because I really am with mine! šŸ˜€

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