Super Massive Batman Art Dump

What follows is–as the title indicates–a super massive Batman art dump. I haven’t been able to update my blog for so long that my output has piled up. This will be the first one in a series of posts that should get this blog up to date.

Let’s start right off the bat with my favorite from this bunch, Batman villain Karl Hellfern aka Dr. Death based on his latest appearance in the comics designed by Greg Capullo. I love this one because it conveyed the right style I had in mind, cartoony and strange but with some texture:

Purchase this design: Doctor Death

Next, we’ve got Batman drinking beer (because he can) and Robin sleepily eating his “breakfast” after another night of vigilantism:

Batman in his classic The Dark Knight Returns pose:

Batman Year 100 borrowing some elements from Paul Pope:

Joker vs the Batman in the dark:

This is another one of my favorites–a rare moment of bliss between Bruce and Alfred. Got featured by a Batman fan page on Instagram:

Obviously, most days aren’t exactly relaxing for everyone’s favorite butler. There’s the ridiculous amount of superhero laundry:

Oh, I love this one. I love drawing the female form and Poison Ivy obviously is one of the best models for that:

Purchase this design: Poison Ivy: Pick Your Poison

Deacon Blackfire, the antagonist in the comicbook “Batman: The Cult”:

Jared Leto Joker from long before the film was released. I was drawing from a couple of reference photos:

I practiced inking using nibbed pens until my old Indian ink became unusable. This one’s a practice ink doodle of Joker:

Another inked Joker:

A better ink practice piece of Oswald Cobblepot aka The Penguin:

Somewhere along the way, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice happened and all I could think of was Batman V Superman:

After that, I stopped drawing for a while. When I returned, I began with some doodles to get myself back in the groove. Here are doodles of Penguin and Catwoman:

I tried to draw Penguin again and his thugs but I still had some dust from the break (I find that “artist dust” easily accumulates, honestly, in just a couple of weeks not drawing anything):

Here’s a better getting-back-in-shape Joker doodle:

Some villain head sketches:

Alfred head sketch:

Slowly returning to form with this Carrie Kelley Robin:

Poison Ivy pinup, still on the cartoony side:

Finally, after buying myself The Art of Brian Bolland, a book by my ultimate art idol, and reading a couple of pages, I got my shit together and decided I want to produce better artwork. Here’s my latest Catwoman:

Here’s a shot of some of my ever-growing Batman fan art collection:

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