Rogue One New Year Fan Art

This may be the one of the most ambitious pieces of fan art I’ve ever done–if not THE most ambitious. To be honest, I wasn’t even sure I could do it when I began. But I was just so blown away by Star Wars: Rogue One that doing this piece was inescapable. I also wanted to end 2016 with something epic, and with Rogue One’s message of hope against all odds, it was just the perfect subject.

Here’s a shot of the pencils:

I was excited to ink it because I correct lots of things during inking. I knew early on that shading would be difficult though, especially on Jyn Erso’s face:

I was very satisfied with the final results even though the perfectionist in me still feels iffy about some elements. But it’s always a great feeling finishing a big piece like this because you feel really sharp with all the drawing rust gone:

Purchase this design: Rogue One: Full Cast


K-2S0 was probably the best part of Rogue One, and it was just right that he brought everyone Christmas cheer.

Purchase this design: K-2SO Christmas

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