Weird Folks (The Beginning of a Series of Drawings)

I think it’s time to diversify my choices for subjects. I love drawing fan art, especially Batman, but you can only draw so many Jokers and Dark Knights. It does get monotonous after a while. To increase my knowledge of human and animal anatomy, fashion, and other stuff that I’ve been neglecting to practice drawing, I’m going to do a series of illustrations of some really weird folks like the ones below.

Purchase this design: Gecko Guy and a Woman

It was really fun drawing these two, with all their unique facial features, expressions, and outfits. Also, I had a blast drawing this piece because of its refreshing raciness. In fact, I had such a great time, I feel like I’ll be doing more weird, kinky stuff that’s going to be unsettling to look at in the coming days. Here’s a closeup:

I also got the chance to continue practicing inking with paintbrushes with this piece. The good news is that my stroke is getting better and my overall control of the paintbrush is improving, such that I’m now able to cram more detail into the picture (though the ink still blots sometimes). I’ve still got a long way to go but I’m really liking where my art is headed at this moment.


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