Batman, Monsters, Pinup Girls Art

When Frustrashow began, it was quite literally a way for me to show my frustrations with my artistic skills and the world at large not conforming to my vision of what they should be. I posted a few digital comic strips until I grew tired of them because I found that it was thoroughly unsatisfying to be creating art just to make a couple of witty remarks about life experiences, which I didn’t even have that many.

Deciding that I wanted to be more of a complete artist, I steered the next evolution of the blog towards serving as a sort of medium to bring artists like me together–with preference for those amateur, struggling, frustrated artists who are always looking for ways to reach more audiences for their artworks. It was a great cause and for a time, I had considerable success communicating with and featuring various artists from all over the world on this little blog of mine. Sadly, I had too little time because of my day job to really grow the operations of this version. I had to drop it because it was such an ambitious, excellent advocacy that I felt guilty not giving it the attention it needed to thrive.

Eventually, I decided that I was going to use this blog to concentrate on my own development as an artist. I’ve been drawing and making art all my life and I thought it was just right–necessary–that I finally get an official repository for the pieces of artwork I happen to churn out when the responsibilities of putting food on the table give me a breather. Thus, in its current version, Frustrashow simply is my art in the spotlight.

And my art is popcorn art. It doesn’t aspire to be anything but art that looks really cool to look at. So I’m going to have Batman, Superman, monsters, pinup girls, the Joker, nasty NSFW stuff, freaks, people in weird costumes, and more Batman on this art blog–and I hope likeminded people find them interesting!

Happy viewing!


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