Cheesecake Factory

I adore the female form and it’s a great frustration of mine that I can’t draw it as perfectly as it should be drawn. I also lean towards risque depictions of the fairer sex, which I am well aware is easily questionable these days. Unfortunately, I am a sucker for this type of art and, honestly if I were good enough, I’d produce racier, more hardcore images–like those that appear in heavy metal albums. Maybe someday soon I’ll actually try my hand at that.

In the meantime, here are various degrees of cheesecake from my vault:

I wanted to produce something sexy and weird and I came up with this. I had little idea what I was going for except that it’s kind of futuristic and surrealist. The short elven guy is a policeman, I reckon:

Purchase this design: Punk Cyborg Woman

Ok, here’s another one created with a sci-fi mindset. There’s a story here somewhere about office decorum in the age of robots, and I think it’s pretty obvious:

Purchase this design: An Office Affair

This one I worked really hard at. I loved the Ghost in the Shell Scarlett Johansson-starrer even though the uncultured masses found a way to make it flop because of supposed whitewashing or whatnot. I had to review vantage points in order to pull this off and getting all the GITS-related elements together was a challenge. I thought the end result was satisfying:

Purchase this design: Ghost in the Shell: Section 9

Here’s a snapshot of the pencils:

More cheese from around Easter 2017. I admit I just felt a hankering to draw really massive boobs. Sue me:

Purchase this design: Happy Easter Sexy Bunny

Now this is my absolute favorite in this batch. One night I found myself in a Quentin Tarantino mood and I wanted to depict badass girls robbing a convenience store, a scene which I think is not out of place in a Tarantino B movie. I really liked the finished product:

Purchase this design: A Stickup

I only wish I wasn’t using such a poor brush. Confession: I had no hand model to reference this girl’s gun hand. I literally just guessed how it would look like if a hand bent that way. I’m still not sure if that’s plausible:

But anyway, expect to see more scandalous illustrations posted on this blog very soon. And to everyone who says this is part of the reason why the world is such a shitty place, I say:

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