NO CONTEST: Tayasui Sketches Version 2.0 is Much Better Than Paper by FiftyThree

The Tayasui Sketches app for iPad recently had a huge update that, in my opinion, just put it head and shoulders above the competition, the most popular of which is Paper by FiftyThree (App of the Year 2012). The two most important features added among the many improvements and enhancements in Version 2.0 of Tayasui Sketches are the ability to create layers and to import photos–useful features Paper sorely lacks.

But even before the big update, Tayasui was already kicking Paper’s butt in the functionality department despite the latter’s popularity. Unlike Paper, which has a severely limited number of inflexible drawing tools (just five and a non-adjustable eraser), Tayasui has nine tools and an eraser that can all be adjusted according to the user’s needs. What’s more, with Tayasui, you only need to make a one-time in-app purchase of $1.99 to unlock its Pro Version and access all of its features whereas Paper actually has the audacity to charge $6.99 for its Essentials suite; if you don’t want the entire set, you can buy each tool for $1.99 each!

So what’s keeping Tayasui behind Paper? Before the 2.0 update, I would say it’s the app’s tendency to freeze and crash. And it was a pretty serious problem; so serious in fact that I was just one or two crashes away from writing an angry rant here on Frustrashow. But Tayasui came up with a great update just in the nick of time, and now after using it a couple of times, I can definitely say that everything’s forgiven and the freezing and crashes are completely gone.

If you have an iPad, I highly suggest you download Tayasui Sketches. I created the “Martian Lady” art above using Version 2.0 and the sketch below using the older version. Hope you like them! 🙂


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  1. Wow! The second one looks almost as if it were actually drawn with a pencil on paper! 😮


  2. I thought your drawings were done on real paper! This sounds like a great app.

    I’m also currently using Paper, and it is very annoying, as you say. I hate the inflexibility of it. I should try this new one. Thanks for the recommendation!


  3. It still freezes and crashes…


  4. It still freezes/crashes. Happened to me twice so far with the update.


    • Truth is I’ve stopped using Tayasui because while I still believe they have the more complete product, Paper by FiftyThree has the more stylish, quick tools you need to produce nice digital illustrations.

      So I’m not aware that it still crashes. When I wrote this, it was working fine. It’s a shame because it’s still a good drawing app.


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