Busy Days are Here Again

I love my job, I really do. And I feel very privileged being able to earn off my creativity and work with amazingly talented people in marketing. Still, I wish I had more time to draw and just hone my skills because I seriously want to be the best artist I can be. Busy days like these, however, I don’t have a choice but to let personal art take a backseat to what brings food to the table.

The artworks above and below were drawn during rare moments when I wasn’t busy working. As usual, I used the Tayasui Sketches app, which I highly recommend to any artist who wants to use an iPad to create art, ranging from quick sketches to elaborate, layered pieces. The drawing above shows what two people who saw each other for the first time might look like if they found each other interesting. Some of you may recognize the character below as Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro) from the movie Taxi Driver, a mind-blowing film (almost literally)!

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