Inktober: Sherlock

I’m sure a lot of us have found ourselves searching for a show to replace the hole left by Breaking Bad after it aired its final episode. And what a large hole it is. Breaking Bad was so special, we probably won’t see another series of at least a comparable level of quality for a very long time.

There are a lot of shows out there you can try to watch but the one that’s been entertaining me these days is actually British–Sherlock, which stars the enormously talented Benedict Cumberbatch.

As the title implies, the show is based on the characters of the Sherlock Holmes detective stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Cumberbatch plays the super sleuth Holmes beside Martin Freeman as Doctor John Watson.

I was so impressed by the show that I just had to draw the fan art above. And since I haven’t drawn anything for Inktober yet, I decided to create this piece using only a black Sharpie and a Pilot G-Tec pen.

I got a real kick experimenting with shading and doing patterns drawing this piece. The scarf was especially fun to draw (albeit a little tiring to the hand) as I tried to put some texture using a series of curved lines.

Sherlock is an awesome show and I highly recommend it to everyone. How about you? What shows have you been watching these days? 🙂


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  1. Cool! 😀

    (Er… as luck would have it, I recently started watching Sherlock. I’m actually waiting for the something to replace the hole left by the end of season 2.)


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