Batman and Superman – Paper App

To be completely honest, most of my practice nowadays is done using my iPad. There’s simply no way I can draw during the day while I’m in the office and when I get home, I find that I don’t have enough energy to draw something detailed on my sketchbook. I would usually wait ’til the weekend to draw more complex pieces but during weekdays, I am unfortunately limited to squeezing in my art through small creative windows.

Drawing and painting apps on the iPad, like Paper by Fiftythree and the Tayasui Sketches app, make my life so much easier because they allow for very quick and simple drawings. No need to perfect your lines or botch them up with an eraser, which are really out of the question when I feel sleep creeping in. These apps have simple, effective tools that, used properly, can produce very interesting, if not beautiful, images in a jiffy.

The artwork above was done using the Paper app. I used the two free tools–ink and watercolor–to draw my two most favorite superheroes:Batman and Superman!

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