Featured Artist: Omaste Witkowski

“I see digital art as being a very “green” way to create.
We skip all of the chemicals and supplies that can be wasted when we throw away what we are done with or don’t want to keep.
When we work on the computer we are using a fraction of the resources and can achieve a much more detailed work.”

– Omaste Witkowski

Tropical Garden by Omaste Witkowski

One of the great things about art is seeing yourself in your work–like a mirror reflection, only clearer and deeper. Each work of art is one of a kind because you put your stamp on it, perhaps not easily apparent to everyone but a unique part of yourself is always there and you can see it. Our featured artist says that her absolute joy in life is creating unique art and that it is her goal to “expose the hidden pleasures that are all around us waiting to be discovered.” As fellow artists who are drawn to the beauty of nature and who value uniqueness, I think we can all admire artist Omaste Witkowski’s objective.

Omaste Witkowski creates abstract, landscape and macro photographs and paintings. Viewing her vast body of work on OW FotoGrafik and her full online portfolio, however, I am inclined to say that Omaste can pretty much accomplish any artistic endeavor only she chooses to work digitally at this point in her career. Her artworks are so visually striking that it’s hard to imagine she only uses a Wacom tablet and Photoshop brushes and filters to accomplish such level of artistry. No kidding–I think I must have entered a state of trance when I first browsed through the samples of her work that she e-mailed me.

Gently Waving by Omaste Witkowski

While Omaste has been working with Photoshop since 1996, like many of us, she also used to work with traditional painting tools. The same is true with her photography work where she started with the traditional film and darkroom setup in college. She found traditional methods of both painting and photography inflexible and messy though, so she eventually decided to work exclusively in digital. On the advantages of going digital she says, “I can mix the exact colors I want and add textures, etc. on my computer. There are many more creative options available and I really just love the flexibility I have. Photoshop is not just for image editing, there are many powerful creative tools there as well.”

At this point, there’s really not much left to say but to encourage you to check out Omaste’s mind-blowing art on OW FotoGrafik and her portfolio. As for me, I am just thankful to have the opportunity to share these 10 pieces of art that Omaste sent to Frustrashow. Take the time to appreciate the level of detail in each of these works and the original perspective they present to the viewer. Most important of all, I hope these fascinating artworks inspire you as much as they inspire me.

Pondering a Mountain by Omaste Witkowski
Melting Gold by Omaste Witkowski
Peacocking by Omaste Witkowski
Handy Ripples by Omaste Witkowski
Old-fashioned Well by Omaste Witkowski
Wild Eyes by Omaste Witkowski
Patterson Lake by Omaste Witkowski
Echinacea Fading Beauty by Omaste Witkowski

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